Outside The Box Telematics Solutions

Emerge From COVID-19 With A Resilient Business And A Transformative Telematics Program

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are searching for new ways to keep employees safe, boost productivity, lower operational costs, or expand service offerings. Telematics technology creates endless opportunities for businesses to solve a problem and create value.

Danlaw’s connected car platform is completely modular. Our powerful OBD devices, web-based platform, smartphone app, and data hosting services can be combined, configured, or redesigned to enable millions of transformative business solutions. We offer three levels of variability, so no matter your budget, timeline, resources, or scope - you can build a successful program with Danlaw.

Off the Shelf

Take advantage of our Danlaw-branded products to minimize implementation costs and reduce time to market. Our products are ready to go, right out of the box.


Our in-house engineers can quickly reconfigure any of our standard products to fit your program requirements and corporate brand. Get a customized solution without an inflated price tag.

Outside the Box

Customers come to Danlaw with complex program requirements or unique application ideas. We leverage our automotive DNA to turn outside-the-box ideas into out-of-this world telematics solutions.

Get ready to move your business forward with a future-proof telematics program. Find the best fit for your program requirements in the infographic below or start the conversation now by sending us a message.


3 - 2 - 1 Launch!

If you want to accelerate growth, drive customer retention, and emerge resilient from COVID-19, then partner up with Danlaw. Contact us to set up a 30-minute demo of our platform, we’ll show you how our solutions will shift your telematics program into high gear.